The Effects of Extreme Events Caused by Global Warming

When a hurricane becomes more intense because of global warming and wipes out a city, the effects are obvious. Yet, there are some results of extreme events that are less apparent. These situations can change life in many ways.

Heat, of course, will be an important factor in global warming. There will be more days that are hot, higher daytime highs, and many lasting heat waves. This will affect people, animals, and the environment.

There will be more people who will die as a result of intense heat. Elderly people and poor people who cannot afford air conditioning will be most at risk. The people who do have air conditioning will run theirs more. The added energy use will increase global warming as more greenhouse gases are emitted into the air.

Farmers and ranchers will notice problems with their operations due to global warming. Crops will have a risk of being damaged by drought, flooding, or erosion. The uncertainty has always been a part of farming, but now, it will be even worse.

Farmers and ranchers will see that their livestock is suffering from the effects of global warming as well. Their food and water supplies will be in jeopardy, and storms will put them in danger of injury. Wildlife will be affected as habitats are changed.

Another effect of the higher temperatures caused by global warming is that tourism will make gradual shifts. A region that had the ideal temperature one year might be too hot the next. Then, tourists will move further north for their vacations.

The effects of higher daytime lows are mostly good. There will be fewer deaths related to cold weather, less reliance on fuels for heat, and some crops will benefit. The bad news is that other crops will suffer, and pests and diseases will flourish due to global warming.

As global warming gets worse, precipitation will become more intense. This will lead to floods, mudslides, landslides, and avalanches. Soil erosion will be a fact of life. At the same time, there will be increased risk of drought. This will lead to more forest fires. It will also limit the quantity and quality of the water supply.

Finally, the hurricanes intensified by global warming will have a great impact on the earth. People will be injured or killed in the storms themselves and others will die as a result of infectious diseases that come as a result of the mess of the clean-up.

Hurricanes also damage such natural wonders as coral reefs and mangroves. These are two ecosystems that will be disrupted if global warming is allowed to continue. The coast of any are with such hurricanes will be in bad shape. There will be coastal erosion, and the coastal infrastructure will be weakened.

The effects of extreme weather caused by global warming are tremendous. It is only natural to want to try to avoid them. To stop global warming, it will take a group effort combining the energies of individuals and governments alike.