Fascinate Your Target Market

You want a target audience that is eager to buy your information product, not one who gets bored halfway through it or wonders why in the world you added in that paragraph about how to prepare pickled sauerkraut! Honing in on your subject and carefully checking out your information to make sure it is still valid and appropriate for today will also allow your eBook to continue to make passive income for you years from now!

Realize that you have the potential to make your information product the “Bible” of your chosen topic! If you take the time to gather relevant information that is not available on every web site out there – information that has a difference, an “edge” if you will, then you can continue to market your eBook for the next several years.

Suppose you write a short, yet effective eBook on wedding planning which contains information you have never seen in print anywhere else, but was gleaned all by yourself when you helped your best friend plan her wedding. Because this information is not available on the internet, but came right from that brain of yours, it is different from any other wedding planning book available right now. People who are planning a wedding will want to purchase your creation simply because the information contained within it is different.