Egypt Tours

Egypt – the cradle of civilization. Have you ever wanted to see an actual pyramid, to marvel at the most breathtaking architectural works in all of history? Or enter one and explore the exciting tunnels and chasms within? Have you ever imagined yourself visiting the tomb of an ancient king and inspecting priceless pieces of ancient Egyptian culture?

You can do all these, and more, by visiting the illustrated Egypt Travel Guide at

The most popular Egyptian tours are visits to Pyramids and museums of ancient civilizations. Within these Ancient Egypt Tours that are generally of a Pharoanic nature, you will be able to tour Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, and see not only awesome markers of ancient Egyptian history, but also landmarks of religious importance. You can also organize your tour to even include a cruise down the Nile River as well.

There are several tours on offer, some with definite itineraries, others organized according to your desired route, usually dependent on how much you want to see and how long you plan to stay. Highlights of the tours include the Giza (Great Pyramid) and the Saqqara (Step) Pyramids, the Citadel, an Islamic market called Khan el-Khalili, as well as other markets, churches and museums, all in Cairo. In Luxor, the must-see landmarks would be at least one or two of the many fine monuments and tombs found on the West Bank, which will prove to be welcome escapes from the heat of the city. Make sure to also visit the Luxor and Karnak temples and the highly popular Luxor museum, all on the East Bank.

Although you can fly or take a train between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, we highly recommend the bus rides between Luxor and Aswan, as these trips usually have stopovers at popular, historic monuments along the way. In Aswan, you could tour Elephantine Island, the Nubian museum and the unfinished Obelisk, the High Dam and St. Simon’s Monastery. If you have an extra day to spare, you could also visit the temples of Abu Simbel, and have more time to see Aswan’s many other attractions.

Religious tours are also highly popular, such as the Holy Family route and the Exodus route, as well as tours of Islamic mosques. You can just imagine Moses leading the chosen people out of Egypt as you follow in their steps. Unstructured religious tours are also on offer, allowing you to see highlights from either the Holy Family and Exodus routes, as well as monuments found in the Pharoanic tours.

The Ancient Egypt Tour is the ideal vacation for the adventurer in you, and a great educational trip for the entire family, especially if you have around two weeks to spare. Aside from soaking up the amazing ancient cultures, you’ll also get to meet a people who are wonderfully accommodating and friendly.