Zeroing In On Your Subject

One of the most important rules of eBook writing is focusing solely on the subject at hand. If you had purchased an information product about how to avoid a divorce, you would not expect to see a recipe for children’s play dough to pop up in the text, now would you? Of course not!

The people who will be buying your eBook do not want to waste their time on information that is irrelevant to the topic. They paid their money to read about one thing! They are looking for solutions to their problem or an answer to the question that’s been bugging them – and they want these solutions and answers as fast as possible!

You absolutely must be specific with your subject

The more specific the subject is, the easier it is going to be for you to sit down and write about the topics that people are desperate to know more about. A precise topic is also going to lead more people to you when the time comes for you to market your eBook.

Your intended audience will find you on the internet by doing a search for a keyword or a keyword phrase which, to them, is relevant to the topic. If someone was searching for information on candle making, for example, they would go to a search engine and type in –

„How to make candles“ which is a very specific search term that will bring back the kind of results they are looking for.

If that person typed in the search term „crafts“ they might eventually find some instructions on how to make candles, but these instructions would be mixed in with a whole lot of other instructions for soap making, beading, decoupage, tole painting, and a host of others! They chose a search term that is much too broad, and would probably stop their search in disgust after a page or two of results if they had not found what they were looking for.

It’s a heady feeling to take an idea that was born in your head and create an information product out of it without the kinds of restrictions and rules that you would have to abide by if you were writing a book for submission to a publishing company. Writing your own products gives you a sense of freedom and creativity like no other I know of.