Your Marketing Newsletter

The main thing an email list and newsletter does is keep your name and virtual image in front of the public. When a group of people hears from you regularly, and you are mentioning your eBook in each email, you have a good chance of winning some of these people over and making loyal customers out of them.

Studies have shown that within one year of the time when they first inquired about a product, 80 percent of the people end up buying it. And, it usually takes around 5 contacts before people finally decide to make the purchase. What’s interesting is that these studies show that more than 90 percent of the people who do end up buying a certain product do NOT purchase if from the same entity that they first contacted.

Can you see what this can mean for your information product? You really need to stay in touch with those people who were interested enough to sign up for your mailing list, but not yet interested enough to buy an eBook from you. If you don’t, they will more than likely turn to one of your competitors and purchase an eBook that has the same subject as yours.

Another advantage of the mailing list is that once you have built up your subscriber base, you are able to mention any other information products you have developed to this ready-made audience in the hope that they will be interested in purchasing a copy.

Why have a newsletter?

The newsletter is your way of communicating with the people who have signed up to receive a daily, weekly, or monthly email from you. Monthly is often enough to send out a newsletter, especially for someone who is just getting started with their first eBook. You may wonder why you need to communicate with anyone – isn’t your eBook enough communication with web users?

Have you ever stopped to think about how many people may visit your web page, view your information product that you have for sale, think that it’s pretty neat, yet click away from the page and don’t buy a thing? If you were to place a counter on your page, you would probably be quite surprised at the number of visitors you’ve had when compared to the number of eBooks you have sold. The purpose of the newsletter is to reach out to those people who did not buy, as well as those customers who did.