Ways To Outsell Other Ebook Resellers On Ebay

How would you like to have your car payment or mortgage paid for? Or perhaps you would like to quit your job and work part time from the comfort of your home?

Whatever your dreams are, selling ebooks and software with resell or master resell rights can help make them a reality! But what if you are not a savvy internet marketer? Well, eBay is an easy and great place to start. It is also a great source of supplemental income even for seasoned resell rights marketers.

But, with increased competition on eBay among ebook resellers, an effective strategy is a must have to continue to grow your ebook business effectively. Don’t ever let the seemingly low prices and the thought of resell rights saturation discourage you from reaping large financial rewards. I have been selling ebooks and software on eBay for 3 years now and have developed and refined 7 tried and true tactics that will allow you to resale ebooks for up to 10 times the price of your competition.

The secret is in the listing title! Below are 7 ways to maximize your traffic, conversion and profit using smart listing strategies.

1. Keyword Rich Listing Title

This tip is not unknown but is still rarely used. Most people who sell ebooks with resell rights simply list their item on eBay using the “actual name” of the product for the listing title.

For example, “James Jackson’s Giveaway Gold” is listed by many sellers by it’s title. In reality this is an ebook on how to build your email list. If you were looking for a guide on how to build your mailing list would you type in “James Jackson’s Giveaway Gold?“ Not if you have never heard of such an ebook! It should be listed as “Build Create Make Your Mailing Email List”. This would be a wise use of relevant keywords and phrases which will bring in the greatest amount of traffic to that listing. You can find these targeted keywords with a free keyword search tool.

2. Understand What You Are Selling

If you don’t know what you are selling how can you give it a proper listing title? Be sure to read the sales page that it comes with. Often times you can find useful keywords and phrases in the sales page that will help you list it correctly.

3. Check Out Your Competitor’s Listing Titles

Do this before you pick your listing title. As you start writing down possible keywords and phrases to use in your title, cross check them on eBay to see if any other of the same products pull up. Be sure to choose the keywords and phrases that give you the fewest competitors.

4. Use Misspellings To Your Advantage

People’s inability to spell means money for you. For example, a product that has to do with “Google Adsense” can also be written as “Google Ad Sense,” or even Goggle Adsense.”

5. Cross Positioning

A great example of this would be having an ebook on coin collecting but listing it as coin collecting with metal detector. There may be nothing in your ebook on metal detectors but no doubt anyone who pulls up metal detectors will see your ebook on coins and bingo, you just created a niche listing with no competitors.

6. Name Recognition Tie In

This is a great way to pull in brand name recognition traffic even though you aren’t selling the product with the name. An example of this would be if you were selling an ebook on how to create a pay per click search engine. You could list the title as something like “Make A Pay Per Click Search Engine Like Google Adwords.”

Another benefit to using all 6 of these techniques is that often times the resellers won’t find you very easily. Resellers will be looking at other resellers and trying to copy their titles while undercutting their listing price. Because most of them are looking for the actual name of the product, you will be virtually invisible to them.

7. Put Your Ebook On CD

Now that you have positioned yourself on eBay away from the rest, burn your ebooks to CD. Why on a CD? You can increase the price as well as charge shipping and handling. You can easily charge $4.99 for shipping when in fact it costs less than half that to pay for the CD and shipping materials.

There you have it. Now you can be the ebook reseller you have always wanted to be and start pulling in easy cash, the smart way!