Update Dated Material And Produce Quality

I often feel as someone who has produced many information products as if I better understand how the people who created some of my favorite music must react the first time they hear one of their songs on the radio.

The sight of my very first information product, complete with illustrations and a bright, colorful cover almost brought me to tears! To see the results of my work as a finished product, and to know that my words were going to help someone else made me want to get started on another project right away!

But as eBook writers, you and I have a responsibility to our customers. They are going to be paying out their hard earned money in the hopes of getting some answers, so you want them to feel satisfied with what they received for their money.

This means that we have to create a high quality product, or all our work will have been for nothing. Whenever I develop an information product, I want the people who purchase it to feel as if they got some information that they couldn’t have obtained anywhere else – information that is different from what they have seen before, and that may well have the potential to alter their lives for the better.

When you make use of public domain material, the chances are quite good that the information your customers will be eagerly reading IS information that they have been unable to find anywhere else. I’m sure you have heard of the term „wisdom of the ages“.

Some of these older public domain books and articles contain timeless information that is still perfectly fresh and useful in today’s world. Often, the older the information, the better, as changing times and ways of accomplishing things have managed to allow some of the old fashioned, tried and true ways of life and lore to fall by the wayside.

So, it’s sufficient to say that you want your eBook to be thoroughly researched and a valuable resource for anyone who reads it. You might not think it is necessary to research public domain material. Some information product authors do, and some don’t. I am one of the ones that does research anything I pull from the depths of public domain, and here’s why.

If there is information referenced or source information given, I may need to research and update that information with the latest available to my work is up to date.

I want to make sure the author of any research material I use is current and in line with societies ways of understanding things today.

Information products can be based on very old information that has stood the test of time, but you have to present it in a manner that is not considered dated.