They Will Pay For Free Information

You’re probably thinking, „Well, if there is so much information available for free on the internet, why would someone pay me for an information product when they could just look the information up themselves?“ The information in your eBook may be a type that is not easily available for free.

You may have knowledge about a subject that very few people possess, and people will gladly pay you for it. Depending on what the subject matter is, they might pay you $100…$200… or more! People will also pay you for information that is available for free if you have presented it to them in a format that is easy to understand and read.

Some people don’t have research skills, and are uninterested in learning how to use Google or another search engine to ferret out information. They would much prefer to have the information they need all gathered together in one place for easy reference – in an informative eBook, and they don’t mind paying for the privilege.

They love the idea of immediately downloading the eBook they just paid for instead of having to wait days for the product to be delivered. They know that information products are always in stock, never backordered, and there is no shipping and handling fee. In fact, it has been predicted that electronic books might soon outsell ALL other forms of books.

Possibly the best thing about selling information products online is that your market is worldwide, not just the country in which you happen to live. You don’t have to pay a dime to sell your eBooks to interested customers who live overseas. Anyone living anywhere who has access to a computer and a credit card or PayPal account can purchase information products from you. It’s easy to see why there is such a wealth of potential profits in the creating and selling of informational eBooks!

There will always be an internet market for information. People around the world will always be interested in information that will help them solve a problem, learn a skill, or make their life easier in some way. And, let’s face it. The people of today’s world are on the impatient side. I’m sure you have witnessed evidence of this impatience whenever you spend time in a public place or on the highways and freeways with the drivers who are always in a mad rush to get to their destination!

You can use this impatience to your advantage by creating information products to answer the questions and help to solve the problems of this breed of computer owners, who would much rather spend twenty bucks or more to download an eBook than to spend just twenty minutes doing an internet search to discover the tips and tricks, information and directions they need to educate themselves.

An added perk to being the author of an information product is that your customers will remember you. The next time they are in need of information, they may well go right to your web site to see if you have written anything new!