Internet Traffic Generation through Google Adwords

Marketing is one of the essentials of success in the field of business. Marketing is a dynamic field which involves using media to be able to get a promotional message across a target audience. The Internet has become a major tool in terms of marketing products and services.

There are many ways to market using the Internet such as email marketing and putting up affiliate programs. Different methods imply different results and conditions. The Google Adsense hype is one of the most popular and most effective ways to market through the Internet nowadays. Google, with its formidable array of services, has taken Internet marketing into a whole new level.

Google is one a key player in the field of search engines. It dominates the market and generates 75% of the Internet’s search traffic. With this kind of power at hand, it has been able to develop a new system which aims to promote Internet marketing as a whole.

What is Google Adwords?

The Google Adwords system displays advertisements from different participants whenever a keyword or a key phrase is searched through the Google search engine. The participants places their bids on the different keywords and the highest bidders will be displayed on the right-hand corner of the Internet browser. The highest bidders can also be featured in Google’s affiliates such as AOL and netscape.

This system provides optimum results for the price paid for the bid. The bidders are only charged for every click that is generated for their sites by Google. The participants also control their daily budget so as to avoid overspending. When the budget is exhausted for the day because the clicks which were generated exceeded the budget limit, the advertisement is automatically shut down by the system. This is indeed a very cost effective way of doing Internet marketing.

Traffic and Marketing

In the world of Internet marketing, generating site traffic is the key component to success. Websites are built to be viewed and perform such other functions such as to provide means of ordering a certain product or service.

Google Adwords provides a new way of generating traffic to one’s website. By strategic bidding and careful designing of the advertisements, one can get closer to generating sales and income.


The Google Adwords advertisements are generally very short and concise. This is a good way of putting different advertisements on a single search page even though it poses a challenge to the different advertisers.

The advertisements are composed of two things: a title line and a body. The title line should contain a maximum of 25 characters and the body should have less than 2 lines containing 35 characters each. The real challenge is packaging the marketing message in a way that it a) attracts the attention of the targeted audience and b) entices them enough to click the link to the webpage.


Title lines are very important. Many movies have been successful because they generated curiosity because of their titles. This is true for advertisements to be used in Google Adwords. They should be concise and attractive. They should never be misleading so as to avoid future problems.


The body of the advertisement is the heart and soul of the statement. Basic information which is useful for the target audience should be placed in the body to give a general guide on what the site contains.


To be able to generate traffic, one must be able to determine the right keywords and key phrases which should be employed. The Google Adwords system asks the participants what keywords they would like to bid on. Bidding on the wrong keywords will only lead to a waste of time and money.

There are different resources out there such as “overture” which help in the assessment of target phrases. They show the different keywords and corresponding hits through search engines. This information is very important in developing a strategy in the Google Adwords system.


One should be able to determine the right keyword or the right key phrases to be able to optimize the traffic that is to be generated. The keywords should be specific to the product and should reflect its features. Using the words “free,” “cheap,” “discount” can be helpful if they are applicable to the product.

The Google Adwords system is a great way to generate traffic. However, one must study the system before putting serious amounts of money into it. It is a pricing game and no one would want to lose a lot of money for marketing efforts which are not suitable to their endeavors.