Info Marketing Sales Letters

I’m going to give you my opinion on sales letters. Note that everyone in the information products business does not share my opinion! I think that a sales letter should be as long as it needs to be to sell your eBook. Some other people who have been in this business even longer than I have are of the opinion that a sales letter should be as short as possible.

“My eBook has all the information, and it doesn’t need a long, drawn out explanation of the topic in a sales letter” is their take on the matter.

They think that customers are not fond of the long form of sales letters, either, claiming that all that wordiness turns people off, makes them less likely to buy, and say – “Besides – people never read all that crap, anyway.”
Are they right? Is it a waste of time to craft a long and detailed sales letter? Will it really make people not want to buy your product?

The sales letters for the three eBooks I just had to purchase in order to check up on my competition ALL had long, involved sales letters which had sentences that gently urged people to buy sprinkled among paragraphs which told people why they needed this particular eBook, and what it could do for them.

If it’s true that long sales letters make people not want to buy information products, in my not-so-humble opinion… No one knows it! Check out most of the top selling eBooks online, and you will see that nearly every one of them have long, involved sales letters.