How to Start an Editing Business

If you are thinking of working from home, and you have a great command of several languages or at least English, then beginning editing services is very easy. It could be the right career move for you. Most people who are in editing business have been lucrative for some time, and best of all you have your own time. Some people in the editing services started their business as a supplement to their existing income with their day jobs that mainly compose of freelance writing projects and part-time editing. They also enjoy helping professional writers in developing their creative or technical manuscripts. If the editing business seems great for your lifestyle, please read on.

The first thing you have to think is your business name. There are various editing services you can check out on the web, and then create your own business name. It should be catchy, but should have a whiff of professionalism.

You should also list your regular services with their corresponding rates. You can check the different rates from other freelance editing services. You can also check the range of services they offer. When you have already looked at different examples, you should decide on your fixed rates and services. Then, you can devise a menu of editing services. Will you do manuscript typing? How about essay critiquing? Ponder about the responses to these questions, and then you can make your freelance job fit for your background and editing skills.

After you have done thinking and finalizing your business name and rates, you should spread the news. Advertise. You can advertise your business in many different ways. You can print brochures, posters, business cards, newspaper ads, or create your own website. If you want to operate within an area, you can just create flyers, and create a network with professionals and companies that are possible clients. You can also market your business during speaking engagements writing and editing conferences, or meetings with the local chamber of commerce or you can call the person in-charge with communications of a certain company. You can also post ads in school bulletins or cafeteria where students can have access with your services. Anywhere possible clients might be and it is free to market is a great place to post your ads or leave business cards.

You should set-up your mind for email and phone correspondences. Ensure your voice and personality sounds professional, particularly with your first clients. Always be polite and respond to their questions to the best of your knowledge, but sound serious. When students would first call editors about editing their thesis or other school works, don’t give them a fixed price, look for their manuscript first. Then the students are often polite but will not call you back. When clients communicate with you, be sure of yourself. Always check your services and be willing to agree on a certain price. Do not hesitate to charge what your skills are worth. If you would observe other freelance editors, you can see the fixed rates and you will notice that being an editor has a high price.

If you have accepted projects, finish them on time. You should take note that you may have to devote time in checking out the rules for a certain manuscript, so follow these rules. If you love editing, your business will grow in no time.