How To Become A Google Adwords Advertiser

For online businesses wanting to create and direct traffic to their website, advertising with Google Adwords can be an economical way of leading in more visitors.

The challenge here is to locate prospect clients who are contemplating on purchasing a product like yours at the precise instance that you are able to reach them.

The very principle of “Google Adwords” advertising is a method of “pay per click” broadcasting. It is “keyword targeted”, meaning when a shopper or a client is looking for something and searches for it; Adwords automatically exposes or displays your site if your site contains the related keywords that the user is searching for.

The website advertiser or promoter has their advertisement revealed only to certain markets or customers that are looking for or interested in the products or services that they offer; the publisher who provided the space will then get paid and the users find or locate the information that they were looking for, promptly available.

Where do Google Adwords appear?

When you put up a “Google Adwords account”, you will be given instant access to an area wherein you may bid on certain keywords and then determine your “Google Adwords” spending plan. This establishes and verifies how often as well as how high your ads position will obtain on numerous web pages. Note that the more that you “bid” on a certain keywords, your position will be higher and your ad will appear more frequently.

Finding your niche or position

At certain times with very popular keywords, for example “shoes” there are several companies competing. Alternatively, popular keywords do obtain millions of “searches” so there are sufficient clicks that can go around.

In order to discover if a certain keyword will be effective for you, you just have to try it. However, many advertisers are constantly bidding for those popular “keywords” so then your cost per click is most probably to be “high”. You can obtain a lower cost per click with complicated, “highly targeted” keywords.

Think deeper, in order you can come up with good keywords then write down the keywords that closely matches your advertising niche.

Getting started

You need to establish a goal to start with Google AdWords. Either direct sales, create leads or both. As soon as you have clarified your goal, you then need to set up a website which will help you reach that goal.

Your website must be well organized and attractive, and contain “landing pages” for services or products that you offer. Likewise, whether you are capturing leads or sell directly, your website must include ways on how your customers can contact you (email, contact form or phone number).

Signing up for Google AdWords

As soon as you go to Google Adwords website, they provide all the tools that make the process of signing up easy.


The “campaign level” is the part where you are able to establish your budget on a daily basis, location targeting, language targeting, advertisement distribution choices or preferences as well as the beginning and ending dates for the campaigns. It is also where you enter your chosen keywords and the ads.

Writing in your advertisements

You have only a 25 character limit for title and get your audience attention as well as a 70 character limit advertisement to attract interested users to click onto your ad.

Write a clear headline, text of your ad, then enter in the “Display Link” (remember to always “link” it to the “main page” of your “website”), then enter in the “Destination URL” (your website’s landing page). Note that the “Destination URL” can either be the main page or the page inside your main website committed just for selling your product that is available.

The conversion aspect

The moment Google Adwords have directed traffic unto your website, then the rest of the work is all left to you. This means that you should influence the traffic so that it can be converted into sales or supply a summon strong enough that visitors will be compelled to carry out the action that you want.

Keep in mind that the only objective of Google Adwords is to direct the traffic into your site, and nothing more. Never expect sales to happen unless you supply quality and authentic information, services or products and supply all these in attractive, appealing and simple to use configuration or formats.