Global Warming Facts

As global warming continues to receive more exposure on the internet, the television, and the radio, you may start to pay more attention. If global warming is an issue that you are concerned about or if it is an issue that you would like to explore more, you will want to continue reading on. A few interesting and occasionally devastating global warming facts are outlined below.

Global warming is real. Although there is a lot of opposition and debate that surrounds global warming, scientific proof shows that global warming is real. This is something that cannot be ignored much longer, even by those who oppose global warming or claim it is a sham. The earth’s temperature is rising. With that in mind, this aspect of global warning isn’t always debated as much as the affects of global warming are.

Glaciers and polar icecaps are melting. This is another fact of global warming that we should all be well aware of. While there is debate that surrounds this fact, this melting is occurring. Generally speaking, the debate surrounding the melting of glaciers concerns the causes of it. Global warming is causing glaciers and icecaps to melt at a faster rate of speed, but it is not the sole cause.

In keeping with the melting of glaciers, icecaps, and snowcaps, this melting is having a profound affect on sea and wildlife. For starters, polar bears are the animals experts are most concerned about. Polar bears rely on glaciers and icecaps as a way to travel and find food. As these important masses continue to disappear, polar bears are likely to find it more difficult to travel and find food. In fact, many will die because of this difficulty.

The melting of glaciers and icecaps will also have an impact on coastal flooding in the future. This fact is supported by much independent research and many computer generated models. As for the impact this important global warming fact can have on the coastal areas, it can and will be devastating. Many coastal residents will be displaced. Those in the United States who are most like to be impacted by this flooding are New Orleans residents.

In addition to melting ice and snow, the increase in the earth’s temperature will also have an impact on water. This is most commonly the case with coral reefs. Coral reefs are suffering due to the steady rise in water temperature. This change with coral reefs is commonly referred to as bleaching. This when coral reefs lose their beautiful, vibrant colors. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact other sea life, as many rely on coral reefs for food, shelter, and protection.

The above mentioned global warming facts are just a few of the many that may be of interest you. If you would like to help stop global warming, but only if your help will do good, you may want to take the time to research global warming. The same can be said if you are unsure as to whether or not global warming is a real problem. Many individuals, possibly even you, think that global warming prevention steps are just a waste of time and energy if global warming does not exist. That is why researching the facts that surround global warming are important. In fact, you may also want to encourage your friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers to do the same.