Global Warming: Do You Believe

When it comes to global warming, you will find no shortage of information. Whether you look online, turn the television on, or pick up a newspaper, you are likely to see something on global warming.

As previously stated, global warming is a topic that is becoming “hot.” It is an issue that is widely discussed. Most of the information that you will read or see on television concerns the negative affects that global warming will have on your planet, such as coastal flooding, erratic weather, and the easy spread of diseases. Another popular global warming topic is prevention. You are also likely always presented with ways that you can help to stop or at least lessen the impact of global warming. These ways often include purchasing energy efficient appliances, cars, and light bulbs.

Although much attention and focus is placed on what global warming is and what we can do to stop it, you will also find opposition. In recent years, we have learned just how much opposition global warming has. Global warming is no longer a cause for environmentalists; it is also a big cause for debate. This debate circles around a number of different viewpoints, such as the one that global warming is just a scam to collect money for environmental organizations and the view that the changes we are seeing aren’t directly related to global warming, as they have been anticipated for years now.

As previously mentioned, the global warming debate has seemed to grow in past years. Before, you may have occasionally heard of a political figure or celebrity who believed that global warming was nothing more than an untrue myth. However, now, you can see this opposition just about anywhere. Global warming is widely debated online, on television, and even on the radio. What does this mean for you and other Americans? It often means uncertainty. After all, if you have so many people telling you that global warming is just a scam to raise money, you may start to believe so after a while.

As for your viewpoints, do you believe in global warming? If you are uncertain, do you at least feel that it is an issue that needs to be discussed more? If so, you are not alone. Many Americans would like to see more information and proof on global warming. The good news is that you can easily find this proof online or with television and movie documentaries, such as An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore. The internet is another tool that you may want to use, when giving global warming a closer look. In fact, you may want to take the time to research both sides of the global warming debate. This may help you decide whether or not global warming is something that you believe in.

Even if you do not officially believe in global warming, you may still be concerned with the environment. As outlined above, some opposition believes that the earth’s temperature would rise anyways, as it has been doing so for years now. The same can be said with sea level, as a rise in it has always been anticipated. Even if global warming isn’t the cause of these changes, they can still cause alarm. The one thing that many experts agree on, whether or not they can agree on global warming, is that some of the prevention tips suggested are ones that can do no harm. These tips include carpooling when possible and reducing as much energy in your home as possible, such as by turning off all unused lights and appliances.