Global Warming: Can It Be Stopped

If you are familiar with global warming, you are also likely familiar with the debate that surrounds it. Although many individuals claim that global warming is nothing more than a myth or even a scam used to raise money for environmental issues, it isn’t too hard to see that the earth is changing.

As previously stated, the earth is changing. Although these changes are small, many notice them. We have noticed a change in the weather pattern, which includes stronger storms, as well as varying temperatures. We have also noticed a change in icecaps and glaciers, as many are melting at quicker rates than originally anticipated. Unfortunately, if global warming continues as many experts predict it will, the changes that we notice will increase in intensity and many will be life changing experiences.

When it comes to global warming and its affects, one of the most commonly asked questions surrounds prevention. Many wonder if global warming can be stopped or if there are at least ways that we can lessen its impact. This issue is also one that has been widely debated. Many of the experts who oppose global warming, claim that the rise in the earth’s temperatures is nothing unexpected. Many attribute it to normal pattern. For that reason, there are many who believe that there is nothing that we can do to stop or lessen the impact of global warming, as the changes that we are seeing are ones that may have occurred no matter what.

Even as the debate continues on, we still have to take a look at the changes the earth is seeing, even if it isn’t related to global warming. Glaciers and icecaps in the north are melting at a small, but still high rate of speed. Although this melting was predicted and has been anticipated for years now, things are moving along a little bit faster than anticipated. This brings more support to the theory of global warming. So whether you believe in global warming or not, you may still be interested in doing what you can to help stop the changes our planet is seeing.

One of the many ways that humans can help stop global warming or at least many of the changes we are seeing with our planet is by taking a close look at our homes. You may be surprised how much carbon dioxide the average home emits. Simply by ensuring that all light and appliances are turned off when not in use can do wonders for the environment and possibly global warming. In keeping with electricity use in our homes, energy efficient appliances and simply energy efficient light bulbs can help to lessen the carbon dioxide emissions from most homes. In fact, did you know that energy efficient appliances and light bulbs can also save you money?

Another one of the many ways that we can help to stop global warming or at least the changes on our planet that are staring to take hold is by looking at our vehicle uses. Another big contributor of carbon dioxide is the vehicles that we drive. Energy efficient vehicles are affordable, they can save you money over time, and they can also help the environment. Even if you cannot afford a new energy efficient vehicle, there are still steps that you can take to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions for your vehicle. These steps including taking public transportation or carpooling as much as possible, changing your car’s air filter on a monthly basis, as well as making sure your car tires are properly inflated.

As previously stated, it is hard to know the impact that the above mentioned steps will have on global warming and our planet. Even if global warming is not an issue that you believe in, it is important to remember that many of the global warming prevention steps outlined above are ones that will do good for the environment anyways.