Global Warming and Our Children

If you surf the internet, listen to the radio, or watch the news on television, there is a good chance that you have heard of global warming before. Although you may have heard of global warming before, have you taken the time to better understand? If you are a parent, you should.

One of the many reasons why individuals feel that global warming is not a serious issue is because of all of the debate that surrounds it. Yes, global warming does have its opponents and some of that opposition do have valid points, but is global warming something that you are willing to ignore? If you are a parent, it shouldn’t be.

As stated multiple times above, if you are a parent, global warming should be a huge concern of yours. After all, you love your children don’t you? When your children grow up, you likely want them to have their own family and children, right? After all, many individuals want their family name and legacy to be carried on for eternity. Unfortunately, global warming may throw a wrench in that plan.

As it was previously stated, global warming is an issue that many are unsure about. In addition to wondering if those who oppose global warming are right, the delayed affects of global warming also play a role. Yes, we are starting to see many changes resulting from global warming, such as melting glaciers and droughts, but these changes are small compared to what is being predicted. Unfortunately, many individuals go by the thinking of “it isn’t a problem if we can’t see it.” Although you may not be able to live to see the drastic and horrific affects of global warming, your children or their children may.

Speaking of the horrific affects of global warming, you may wonder just what is expected to happen. As previously stated, glaciers and other ice masses are melting. Despite the fact that this melting has always been noticed, it has picked up in speed. If things continue, coastal flooding is predicted and not just in limited areas, but around the entire world. Do you and your family currently reside in a coastal area? If so, did you know that global warming may prevent your children or their children from doing the same? Your hometown and your history will be unable to be shared with future family members to come, as it may be under water.

Coastal flooding is just one of the many ways that global warming may have a profound affect on your children or their children. Other affects of global warming are likely to include increased temperatures, droughts, and weather instability. These global warming affects can have a huge impact on your future family’s ability to eat, drink, work, and live. That is why you are urged to take action. After all, you do love your family right?

If you would like to help join in the fight against global warming, you will want to get started soon. The sooner we all take action, the easier it will be to make a successful, united stance against global warming. To get you started, you may want to look at your home and your vehicle. If you are unable to purchase an energy efficient vehicle, carpool or use public transportation as much as possible, as well as combine as many errands together in one trip as possible. As for your home, limit your electricity uses by only running your dishwasher when it is full, use energy efficient light bulbs, and turn your heat down, even just a few degrees.