Drug Rehab – The Basics

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease where the individual suffering will need to detox or enter into rehab to recover. Addiction cannot be cured, so the individual might have craving’s their whole lives, but the addict can still live a happy, healthy life if they abstain from the substance.

When substance abuse is stop, there are several withdrawal symptoms that occur, ranging from mild to severe, depending on the individual and the substance. Withdrawal from a chemical may be done at home or in a hospital, but should always been done under medical supervision, as detoxification from a chemical is always dangerous. Many individual might want to take the drug just one last time in order to cease the pain of withdrawal. However, it is after detoxification is complete and problems in the persons life trigger cravings that there is a real risk for relapse. There are many programs for the newly clean drug addict that offer support and counseling in the process of long term recovery.

If you have a friend or family member who has a problem with addiction, you should talk to them, and ask them if they want help. It is important to specialize the process of recovery to the specific needs of you’re the individual. You should also be a positive role model for your loved one. Encourage activities that do not put the person in a situation where they would be around drugs or alcohol. You should always be supportive and caring, although you might be frustrated at times. After your loved one has become clean, remember they need all the love they can get so they don’t go looking for it in self-medication.