Anti Ageing Secret

Have you ever wondered why the average black women of even 60 and over have few if any wrinkles on their face at all?

Well, whilst there are natural oils that are found within black skin, there is still the essential requirement of a dedicated skin care regime.

Integral to that regime for many black women and increasingly men also, is the core ingredient Raw Shea Butter.

Raw Shea Butter is something that has long been used in West Africa for skin care. The fatty acids contained inside help keep skin smooth and rejuvenated. Traditionally it was used to treat skin and scalp conditions, but now it is often found in skin treatments to ward off wrinkles and fine lines.

To make Raw Shea Butter, the nuts from the Shea Karite tree are needed. They get cracked, grilled, pounded then boiled in water for hours. The extracted Raw Shea Butter is then scooped from the water and set aside to cool. Alone and separated from the water, the Raw Shea Butter will keep for about two years.

Within the Raw Shea Butter, there are several compounds responsible for the benefits. Fatty oils help maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity. Cinnamic acid works to protect your skin from UV rays. Raw Shea Butter also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, making it extremely useful for women who are pregnant or have children. With Raw Shea Butter being very neutral in composition, it very rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Raw Shea Butter can be used with great effect in many forms. Soaps made from it are excellent choices to use on skin affected by eczema and dermatitis. It also puts more vitamin A and E into the skin which keeps it moisturized and soft. Lotions are another common way to get Raw Shea Butter. The benefits of a lotion are similar to soaps but are a lot more noticeable and concentrated. This makes it ideal for use in the winter months, when it’s drier.

For skincare, Raw Shea Butter is one of the best anti-aging compounds nature or science can provide. With benefits ranging from retaining skin moisture to protecting against UV rays, there are few things that can match what it does. When looking for your next facial care product, keep Raw Shea Butter in mind.

The true secret is to use a product that contains the highest grade of Raw Shea Butter available and not just any product that displays Raw Shea Butter on the label.

High grade Raw Shea butter is equally effective on women of all colors, white, black and Asian as it meets the standard you should be looking for in order to obtain, maintain and retain your best skin ever.