Affordable Ways You Can Help Combat Global Warming

Have you heard of global warming before? If you regularly watch television, surf the internet, or listen to the radio, there is a good chance that you have. In recent years, global warming is an issue that has seen an increase in press. Although there is a lot of debate that surrounds global warming, you may still be concerned. After all, if the predictions are right, the earth may not be a safe place for your future family members.

If the thought of global warming and the affects it can have on the planet in the future scare you, you will want to do you part. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize how easy, as well as how affordable it is to join in on the fight against global warming. Unfortunately, much focus is placed on energy efficient vehicles and appliances. If you do not have the financial means needed to make these purchases, it is okay, as there are more affordable ways that you can help.

One of the biggest chances that you have to help prevent global warming or lessen its impact is in your home. In your home, you will want to look at your electricity uses. Are there appliances, like your computer, that are turned on when you aren’t using them? How about the lights in your home? Are your lights turned on even when nobody is in the room? If you answered yes, these are things that you will want to change. Limiting your electricity use is a great way to not only help prevent global warming, but it can also save you money too!

As previously stated, you will want to lessen the amount of electricity used in your home. One of the easiest ways to do so is to ensure that all lights and appliances are turned off when they are not in use. What is nice about this approach is that it is completely free and, as previously stated, you can save yourself money! Another step involves examining your heat. Instead of having your thermostat cranked up high, you may want to put on a sweater and turn the heat down. Even a few degrees can help reduce the toxic emissions that come from your home.

In keeping with electricity, you will want to take a close look at energy efficient light bulbs. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize the many benefits to using these light bulbs, as opposed to traditional ones. For starters, you can save yourself a little bit of money each year by switching all or at least most of the lights in your home to energy efficient light bulbs. Also, these light bulbs work much longer than traditional ones. Depending on your use, an energy efficient light bulb can last as long as one or two years. By price comparing, you can easily find multi-packs of these energy efficient lights for around five dollars. Talk about affordability!

Even if you are a renter, as opposed to a homeowner, there are still ways that you can work to combat global warming. You may want to speak with your landlord about making any window repairs, especially if you feel cold air entering into your home when it shouldn’t be. Ask your landlord about the hot water heater, do they use a hot water heater blanket? Hot water heater blankets are affordably priced and they can help to save the environment and your landlord may also be able to save a little bit of money as well, as they can lower the temperature of their water heater.

As previously stated, you may not have the financial means needed to purchase a new hybrid or energy efficient car. Even so, you will still want to take a close look at your methods of transportation. When you drive, do you really need to? If you are able to walk, carpool or take public transportation, you are encouraged to do so. Even if you leave your car home, just a couple of times a week, you are still doing your part, even though small, to help stop the horrific impacts that global warming may have on our planet.